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Beau's "LaFavorite Jobs"

Collection of pictures taken at job shadowing events across the 108th District.
Brad Mantela showed Rep. LaFave the traditional way of making a pasty in Beau's first LaFavorite Job. Harrison Hoffmeyer taught me how to make precise cuts for a bathroom vanity.
Owner of Mammoth Granite, Matt Hoffmeyer (left) and his son, Harrison (middle) taught me quite a bit about polishing, cutting, and designing the perfect granite counter tops right here in Escanaba! This U.P. business does it all! Everything from survey and sampling design, in-house data collection, project management, to data analysis and interpretation.
The Issues and Answers team showed me around and taught me a ton about marketing research in the U.P. John Corrola, owner of Issues and Answers in Iron Mountain, was gracious enough to show me around his business back in early November.
Rep. LaFave learned how to make U.P. famous, Sayklly's Candies, in Escanaba during another LaFavorite job last January. Kevin Robitaille, owner of Sayklly's Candies, was gracious enough to give us a full tour of his factory.

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